Artist Biography

Taylor Bingham Artist Photo


Taylor A. Bingham (Georgia, b.1991) received a BFA in Graphic Design + a minor in Photography, fall of 2013 from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA.

During his final quarter in college, he interned at Steam Print, a screen printing company in Savannah, GA. He had already studied traditional printmaking, and rounded out his printing knowledge during his internship. After graduating, he began working closely with the owner of Steam late into 2014.

In September of 2014, his focus shifted to digital production when he began working for Creative Approach, also located in Savannah, GA. With enough cumulative knowledge from working in the print industry, he shifted his focus to painting.

In 2016, he exhibited in the SIPS 16 (student international print show) at the Faculty of Fine Arts – El Minia University, Egypt.

Early into 2017, his work shifted towards monochromatic palettes with more complex mark-making on the verge of complete abstraction. His aesthetic has continued to develop and mature throughout the remainder of the year. September 15th, 2017, he exhibited work in the Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser Artist Auction at Art.Work Austin location in downtown Austin, Texas.